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Hello I’m Ava! Indulge me. Sense me. Let me breath life into you. Share your hidden desires or simply relax with me. I am an immeasurable gift you give to yourself - a glimmer of magic, a kiss of youthfulness, a divine feminine. By day I work as a visual artist and am lucky enough to exhibit and tour internationally. My collage and video art deal in erotic imagery with a vibrant contemporary aesthetic. I was educated at an elite liberal arts college, where I earned my degree in philosophy and political science. I am worldly and well-traveled. My passions lie in meeting new people, good food, nature, film, and music. Grounded in the philosophy that intimacy is a vital source of healing, I provide experiences of deeply sensual affection and attentive companionship. Delighted for both vanilla to kinky encounters, I am available for companionship on a selective basis, with preference given to returning clients, thorough inquiries, and longer dates. I am also available for travel, duos with one of my gorgeous friends, or as a unicorn. Imbued with naturally positive energy and an infallible love for life, you'll find my presence magnetic and undoubtedly feminine. A visually striking mixed Eurasian, I have long hair, dark features, and an easy smile. Adorned with tasteful tattoos, my all-natural body is soft, supple, flexible, and well cared for. My natural body hair is unshaven and tucked away in all the right places. I look forward to meeting you!
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