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1. Payment for services

Payment is made exclusively via USDT TRON TRC20. Enter the exact amount provided to you by the service. IMPORTANT! If you deposit not the amount provided by the service - the money will not be credited to your balance

2. Deal

The client can pay for the session through our service, booking the day and time to the specified user for the exact service. The client can also choose the list of services. Vibe City does not force you to use this service. We are concerned about the safety of our customers and try to do everything for convenience.

3. Transaction on the deal

1. In order to pay for the transaction, the client must populate his balanass and then pay from his personal balance. 2. Client has the opportunity to pay for the transaction only after the confirmation of the time and price of the transaction from both parties. 3. After the client has paid for the deal, the money is kept on the service until the deal is completed or cancelled. 4. In case of the deal's cancellation the client gets his funds back on his balance. NOTE: The client cannot withdraw funds from his balance to his personal account. 5. The Executor receives his money for the transaction only when the client has given his personal code and the Provider has entered it in his account in the transaction itself. After that the funds are transferred to the account. NOTE: Provider can withdraw funds to his personal account - by withdrawing through USDT TRON TRC20. 6. Vibe City is not responsible if the transaction took place and Provider did not enter the transaction code. In this case, the Provider will not be able to get their money in any way. Be careful.

4. Ad Moderation

All ads on the service Vibe-City are moderated to avoid unnecessary content on the service. We are against slavery and fake ads. That's why our support staff will check your ads thoroughly before they are published. IMPORTANT! 1) After the first moderation ads are published on the site. 2) If you want to change something in your ad. We provide a list of what will not be subject to moderation: -Hair color -BRA (CUP) -Height -Contacts -City -State 3) Subject to mandatory moderation: -Title -Description of ad -Photos. If you decide to change photo, table of contents or description - your listing will go back to moderation and will NOT be active until admins review it. If admins will think that your listing was re-moderated with infringement of content rules - it will not be activated and money will not be refunded.

5. Calendar and keep records of your transactions with clients

The service has created a calendar to make it easier to keep track of your work. You can see on what day you have how many records, by clicking on the day - you will go to the day with the entire list of deals, approvements - and to review.. You also have the opportunity to close your entire day for clients by clicking the button in your office to book the entire day. BUT! The client can still create the deal for this day - so if there will be a very profitable deal, you can confirm and move your business). The calendar function is also designed for your personal purposes, to manage your day. Enjoy using it!

6. Vibe Coin

Vibe Coin is a coin site. When topping up you specify the amount in dollars - equals 1 $ = сoin. Coin is attached after topping up to the amount of USDT on which you topped up your balance. Respectively = your balance and coins do not change, but at a withdrawal will be a different rate in $. So carefully watch the rate. Vibe-City is not responsible for decrease or increase of exchange rates.

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