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Unwind with me In a world that moves fast, we can lose touch with our bodies, our genuine deep connection, and ourselves. Allow me to guide you into ravishing euphoria; a moment where time dissolves and senses awaken. I savor sensuous simplicity- the sound of wind through trees, crystal clear flowing streams, and the sun kissing my skin. Nature is in my veins, and I believe it is much like the individuals I meet- each unique and innately beautiful. My presence has been described as warm, free-spirited, genuine, and grounded. I spend most of my time with my dogs, walking in nature, listening to vinyl or music, engaging in academia, riding horses, swimming in bodies of water, journaling, or learning to play musical instruments. I enjoy long-lasting connections based on respect & curiosity. And while this is a one-way connection, for now, I eagerly await the moment our eyes meet. I believe this provides an opportunity for us to discard our inhibitions, and I look forward to building a nourishing connection together. In my eyes, a connection is best built slowly, like a fire gathering its embers. I have a private upscale in-call in Huntington Beach, and I need at least 24 hours notice for scheduling.
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