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Come with me. Let’s explore all your lingering curiosities. I am your muse, the one you keeps you wondering what is next. Don’t be intimidated by my devilish look. I’m just trying to figure out what tickles that sweet nerve you have that’ll make your whole soul tingle. I am curious being and I love constantly learning. My amusement is to learn how human creatures create their own significant realities. I’d love to wander through yours. I’m a petite, 5’2” and covered in tattoos. I have silky tan skin but can be a little rough around the edges. I’m a great listener and a companion to bounce off ideas or unravel untapped wonderings. I enjoy all things in Art and Music. As an Artist myself, I enjoy pushing my comfort zones and trying new things. My being is magnetized to the process of creating. I approach everything in my life as the process of creative movements. Please, take me to a museum. I’d be like a kid in a candy store. Cooking, fermentation, and elixir making. I fill to the brim with joy pursuing the knowledge and culture of food. Let’s go on a food adventure and tease our palettes. I get a glimpse of heaven every time a taste a divine oyster or hear the crunch of the perfect croissant. I am also often times allured into nature’s beckoning. Especially her still warm lakes and orchestral oceans. She is my biggest inspiration. Deserts are also a dear companion of mine. Why don’t we lose ourselves in the mesmerizing sun beams and getaway where civilization can’t bother us. Screening is key, I require two recent references or work verification to ensure my safety. When we are able to meet please have a donation immediately available and visible. This makes sure that every second we spend together I can focus on you.
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