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You're seeking something, someone different... ​ An introduction into new and stimulating ventures, perhaps with someone that's equally interested in learning a thing or two from you. You want to get lost in conversation with a woman you're so instantaneously comfortable with and attracted to that you begin to put stock in past lives, realizing you've developed years-long intimacy in mere hours. You've come to the right place if you've got a thing for pale petite brunettes with killer figures and big green doe eyes, self-educated demimondes with a flair for the strange & macabre, someone with drive and passion that clearly doesn't need you, but, without question, wants you fiercely. Warm, fun-loving, and vulnerable, I tend to instill within my partners the delectable sting of longing after time well spent, leaving you yearning for more and more and more... I hope, among many things, we share this core belief: you deserve someone's undivided attention and affection, someone's sensitivity to your deepest needs and neglected desires. Signs point to yes. It seems you've found who you're looking for-- a true companion. I'll be waiting for you. No reviews, please! If you want to verify that I'm a real person, please ask and I'll direct you the the proper channels.


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