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Hello, there. My name is Zoe Washburne, and I am a 22 year old gamer, student, and your friendly neighborhood art enthusiast!! I am a genuinely happy person, with a bubbly personality and a positive attitude about life. I love connecting with people and learning more about their lives. You know those moments when you’re really connecting with someone and the words come easily, and time feels like it’s standing still? That’s when I feel that I shine my brightest. I love to smile and laugh, and find enjoyment in spreading happiness to others. I especially love to surround myself with people that aren’t afraid to laugh at the little things. I have a deep passion and appreciation for art, which is why I am currently in college studying animation and graphic design. One of my favorite artists is Charles Dana Gibson (famous for the Gibson Girl). I also really enjoy French paintings and sculptures. I really find it interesting how people were/are able to create an illusion of smooth fluidity from something as hard and rough as stone. I’m also a huge nerd at heart. I love gaming (Monster Hunter, Border Land, and Destiny are some of my favorites) and Japanese Street fashion. Perusing anime and manga are fun past times of mine, and I can absolutely be convinced to put on a sexy cosplay as well ;). When I’m not studying, I enjoy gaming and spending time in the sunshine with my two dogs! Physically, I am a toned, petite 5’4” with beautiful curves and dark skin. My eyes are catlike, and a deep mahogany color, with long lashes. My hair changes frequently; sometimes it is long and dark, other times it is in different styles and/or colorful — it all depends on the day and my mood! My chest is a 28K (recent implants! ;) ) and my legs go on for days.
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