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“Our bodies were printed as blank pages to be filled with the ink of our hearts.” ~ Michael Biondi Like in a scene out of a movie, you are stopped in your tracks as you see me from across the room. As I walk towards and past you, a flood of feelings – curiosity, intrigue, and lust – overcomes you as you grow determined to acquaint yourself with this vision of your ideal woman. I’ve always maintained that people are like icebergs – only the tip of the surface is apparent, but what lies beneath is the truth. The truth is that beneath this outwardly stunning figure and façade, I am a multi-faceted and nuanced woman with myriad interests and an undeniable sense of self that renders me comfortable in any situation and circumstance. I’m able to convey this trait to others as well, as I’ve been told often by people that they feel very much at ease in my presence. My affability as well as my innate curiosity and empathy towards others allow me to become fast friends with just about anyone I meet. I’ve also been described as intelligent, opinionated, and above all, always exuding a spirit of fun and adventure wherever I go. This joie de vivre – exuberant enjoyment of life – particularly applies to my passion for exploration…exploration of the world, exploration of intellectual and cultural pursuits, and, if you’re lucky, for exploration of the sensual variety. And what better way to explore all of the aforementioned than in the midst of constant motion and travel – sunrise in Miami, sunbathing in as little as possible in Tahiti, culinary delicacies in Bangkok, sunset in Santorini, and a night of passion in Buenos Aires. In fact, should you ever experience a sudden case of wanderlust, consider me your ideal passport-and-bikini-ready and willing partner in globetrotting. I find that there is no greater aphrodisiac than intelligence, kindness, wit, and a penchant for pushing the limits in all aspects of life. So if you’re a gentleman – always a gentle
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