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BDSM caDowney


I have always been attracted to all things erotic. Even before I knew the definition of the word! One of my great joys in this world is being a vivacious, yummy woman, and crafting tailored and memorable experiences with gentlemen and couples. A large part of what has contributed to my continued success providing, is that my sessions are driven by who I actually am. Which is a long way of saying, I possess a caring for people and attention to detail that is deep and authentic. I take a lot of pride in being compassionate, dependable, intelligent, generous and having an excellent sense of humor. At my core, I am a sapiosexual, although I also really appreciate the carnal connection for the raw experience that it is. If I piqued your interest, then please drop me an email out to me to start a dialogue (we can follow up with a phone call). I relish the opportunity to get to know one another. Life is so short, let’s savor our moments
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