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Hola, Welcome to my page. I want to formally introduce myself. First and foremost, Thank you for stopping by. I am Penny Petunia- Offline well known dancer and escort known as Penelope. From Seattle to Portland. I am quite new to online why because I finally got the courage to be online. So please bare with me. A bit about me: I am Latina/ Indigenous Mix. I am very spiritual, Non judgmental and very very kind. on top of that HORNY and ready to go. I am very respectful and well mannered. Also super sweet. I'm sure you'll fall in love . I am adventurous. Although I haven't traveled much. (sigh) I just love fun things and very funny. I like white wine ( Sav. Blanc & Pinot) a lot and occasional tequila (casa migos) but it has to be the good stuff! I love conversating about eye catching things. Above all else I just ask that you respect me and I'll respect you. I don't like boundary pushers, You're a grown man and not a toddler. So please respect my boundaries. I am upfront and honest but kind about things. I love love love when my guy is Clean and tidy. It Shows me you care about your appearance and you are take care of your self in your own world. I do love gifts, girly things. but please do ask sizes up getting anything. PET PEEVE ALERT: One of my pet peeves is Communication actually it's a big pet peeve. If you are running late please just text me. no need for a big explanation just let me know how long. If it is longer than 15 min we will have to reschedule. The Deposit will be mine and you'll have to put another deposit to reschedule. If you do this multiple times you will have to pay upfront. Also if you Cannot make it please give a 12-24HR Notice. A fee will be applied and you'll have to send it Immediately. Rescheduling will require a deposit. This is my upfront and honesty. I am not a bitch just wanting to set these boundaries clearly. Once you get to know me or meet me for the first time you'll be like " Oohhh I see Why" hehe. any


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