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How about a little bit of role reversal… just you and I. This time the lady is in charge and the man will enjoy doing exactly as he is told. I am your goddess, your ravishing femme fatale, and you belong to me. I don’t want to hurt you my sweet pet, I just want to make you devoted to my happiness. You do so willingly because I posses all of the dominance and steadiness of masculine control yet I exist in a soft and exquisitely sexy feminine form. I am everything you wish to serve. And you my dear, are my beloved submissive. When we are together, every conflict in your mind suddenly makes absolute sense. Every secret you keep deep down inside is brought forth in open celebration, free from shame, when you are with me. Do you not want, in a deep and shattering way, to offer yourself in service to a dominant woman? A woman whose strength and steadiness never waivers. A woman who knows what you need and who needs you to serve her own happiness. I am a gentle and passionate femdom. My proclivities tend much more towards psychological domination and role reversal rather than traditional bdsm. Many men find themselves seeking a woman who will simply take control. However there is so much social taboo around women being dominant and men being in a submissive role that prospects can often feel incredibly bleak and leave one feeling very disheartened. I am here to assure you that you desire to be submissive to a dominant woman is not only 100% valid but also incredibly common. I would like to dispel the myth that "real men" aren't submissive or that desiring that dynamic makes you weak. Submissive men are not weak! In a world that does everything it can to dole out one punishment or another for not being an “alpha male”, the submissive man, staying true to his nature, is much stronger than your average “dominant male”. My personal interest in this kind of domination lies in addressing the glaring issues facing many men as they navigate their socialized male role. Thes
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