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A couple of years ago, I made a graceful exit from my finance career to enter the world of companionship. I’ve since been collecting not just stamps, but passports. And indulging my voracious appetite for learning, from podcasts about quantum mechanics to audiobooks about behavioral economics. I relish intellectual chemistry and the company of extraordinary gentlemen. Throughout my life, I have lived in and traveled over 40 countries, experiencing a variety of cultures. I’ve picked up some languages along the way, though I’m only fluent in 4. My kitchen and pantry are a reflection of my global travels; which you may find out, as I attended French culinary school and delight in cooking for my friends and suitors! Contrary to my usual minimalism, I’ve accumulated a collection of distillery exclusives from the Scottish Highlands. They pair quiet nicely with my Cuban cigars and a charcuterie of the latest Jamón Ibérico I smuggled in from Madrid. Admittedly, I have a penchant for unobtainable and embargoed consumables.


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