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Curiosity is such an intoxicating quality in a man and I’m delighted you used it to find me. I know you’re anxious to get your arms around me and want a t*ste of what to expect, but all I can say is that my smile will give you a peek into our adventure, the way I move will give you a hint, and my eyes will give it all away My athletic grace drips from my every curve. My strength and effervescent personality play off one another to create an indulgent and enchanted experience. Expect a vibrant city girl with a touch of coastal innocence. My body is sensually muscular with thick thighs, defined shoulders and a back that you’ll want to explore every inch of. I have a l*st for exploration, decadence, and true connection so take my hand and stop searching for your destiny because I’m right in front of you INTERESTS I am always passport ready, and as a woman with an appetite for adventure, I make a very entertaining and memorable travel partner. Whether you are travelling for business and are seeking to unwind between meetings or just out galavanting the globe, I would love to accompany you. Hiking in Patagonia? Skiing in Whistler? Relaxing on the beaches of Maldives? I’ll meet you there! When I am not travelling the world or drinking champagne, you can find me lifting weights, swimming or playing tennis. My physique is often compared to that of a swimmer or bobsledder; so if thick thighs, strong backs and muscular shoulders are your things then please come admire my hard work. My other hobbies include indulging my literary senses with a good book or checking off one of the many new experiences on my quite extensive bucket list. EXPECTATIONS I ask that when you reach out to me, whether via text or email, that you please include the following: A brief introduction Name, email address and applicable board handles your preferred date, time & duration A recent, independent reference from another lady OR Your Linked-in profile or a scanned piece of your photo ID


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