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Hello, Have you ever TRULY experienced real passion? A world-wind time not easily duplicated. One that you crave so intensely the mere thought of it drowns out the white noise and chatter of society telling you what you can't have, but firmly desire. A CONNECTION so deep that even if just for your lunch break you forget about the pressures and responsibilities of your world. Do you remember what it's like to be desired? To have intimacy reciprocated? To wake up smiling? To long for the sound of a familiar voice and touch? To be heard? To be admired and RESPECTED for your hard work? To be someones hero? You could be mine. When we are together my attention won’t be on chores, it will be on YOU. Lets take a stroll down Central Park holding hands, visit a candlelit restaurant in Kansas City, or view by helicopter the skylines of Atlanta. The world is our oyster when we are together. My quick and easy booking page will be sent upon contact. Let me make you smile again, Sienna Limited Availability


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