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Tantra arAdona


You're looking to explore BDSM, why not try the best Seattle has to offer? You can call me Mistress Ruby. I have been a dominatrix for almost a decade with more experience in the lifestyle. As you might guess, I have a lot of experience. My dungeon is also quite impressive. My exquisite dungeon is decked out with gorgeous furnishings, complicated furniture and every toy you can imagine, also some you can't. I consider myself to be a Jack of All Trades Dominatrix; I have been around long enough that have experience with nearly everything and I'm good at what I do because I'm passionate about it. The list of things I'm not interested in is incredibly short and tends to either be mood based or not something that is a tolerable risk. Other than that, ask me, present your ideas. I am extremely inclusive and welcoming, so don't worry about feeling nervous or awkward, we've all felt that way. I'm offering to be your secret keeper, confidant, an understanding listener, a guide and more. Not only am I an incredibly skilled Dominatrix but I'm also a creative thinker and a beautiful, intelligent woman who loves her craft. Admittedly, I'm a bit of a hedonist as well. (Who can say no to all of the wonderful things that life has to offer?) Doesn't that sound like the person you want to share yourself and your new experiences with? I adore sharing the world of BDSM with newbies and expanding the minds of seasoned players like myself. There is always something new to be learned or explored and I've found that each person brings something different to the experience. What energy and ideas will you bring? Sound like fun? Drop me a line, lets find some trouble.
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