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I’m irreverent but kind, flirtatious yet sincere. I enjoy intellectual pursuits but I have no patience for snobbery. Funny people are my favorite people. I am always myself- in fact, I’ve never been very good at faking anything. There is a good bit more to me than a lovely face. That being said… I have one, and a body that matches. I love beautiful clothing and I always dress for the occasion, so, with the date you’ve planned in mind, I may wear heels or loafers, denim or silk, a bit of mesh and lace. A few tasteful tattoos hide underneath. I certainly can’t fault anyone for wanting to spend an hour with a pretty girl, and for many people, that is enough. But, if you’re a little more complicated than that, you’re the kind of person I’m most interested to meet. To find out if our complexities align, if I’m the girl that will provide the thrill you’re seeking (and more), if you’ll be as captivated by my mind and touch as you are by my photos… there’s only one way to find out. INTERESTS abstract expressionism coastal hikes cocktails with friends film sashimi travel collecting vinyl waking up early staying up late white sheets EXPECTATIONS Two hours: 1600 Three hours: 2200 Four hours: 2800 Five hours or more: 2800+ 600 per each additional hour New clients, please allow enough time for the screening process. Please note, priority will always be given to clients that book in advance. Please contact me directly to discuss doubles sessions with my favorite companions. For couples, please add 400. For dates that conclude after midnight, please add 400. For all appointments outside the city, please add the cost of travel. For all dates three hours or more I require a 30% deposit which is non-refundable (except in the incredibly rare event I need to cancel our appointment in which case it will be returned).
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