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She looked Daisy Safe but smelled Rose Wild”… Natural scarlet curls gently cascade down a classically curvy frame but it’s the mysterious hazel eyes that have you enchanted… You will become compelled by the ideas that seem to slip so easily from these blushing lips. As a curious and wanderlusting woman, I have experienced 28 *electric* years on this earth thus far. The free spirit in me thirsts for unique, genuine encounters with all the earth’s creatures. Come as you are, there is no judgement here. When we are together the world around us fades, and we can slip into our own perfect realm; preferably laden with half empty bottles of red wine, long sunsets, and the kind of lazy mornings memories are made of… At a Glance: Soft curves that adore exploration, and an all natural 34B-33-46 Coke Bottle shape Long scarlet curls with a cute, yet classic Audrey Hepburn fringe Sharp features and soft lips delightfully contrast my timeless curves A whimsical scattering of freckles, as if to confirm: "She Tastes like Strawberries.." ​​​ Lucky to call Austin 'home', the wildness and intrigue of the city runs through me. I enjoy skirting the line between classic and comfort; I consider myself a bohemian babe with a curious nature. The type of girl who hates small talk, but prefers rather to ponder the universe with a lover in the presence of art. Some of my favorite inspirations include live symphony orchestras, sculpture gardens, street art, or seeing a new band perform. With my free time, I balance going to school for business, self care in the form of road trips and spa days, as well as spending time at home with my fur-baby (a handsome kitty I call Mr. Bear) while getting creative via "Alternative Baking". As a classically trained chef, dessert was never my strong suit but has recently become a delightful hobby by experimenting with healthy versions of my favorite sweets. On the topic of taste, I will leave you with a favorite French quote to remember me by: "La vie
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