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First, let's talk about you for a second. If I know you (and since you’re here maybe I already do, a little), then you’ve found me because you’re looking for something new. Something different. Something to add a little je ne sais quoi, a zest, a spice to your day. A man I met once said I had "a body that could stop traffic". Another said I had "one of those pin-up girl faces". I’m used to people looking at me. Like they say, if you want the girl next door, go next door. In our day-to-day we’re all constricted by “should” and “have to”. We’re ruled by our routines, our calendars, our phones, our bosses. We all wear a number of masks. In certain places, however - a darkened bar, a private corner table, a hotel room on a hot mid-afternoon with the drapes closed - those masks can be put aside. We can be intensely, completely ourselves, without shame or censorship. We are all creatures of passion if we allow ourselves to be. Sometimes all you need is the right person to unlock that passion. I very much hope that person is going to be me. ​ Some more things you may find interesting about me: I was born in a small town in rural northern France, but was raised in the sophisticated chaos of London (England, not Ohio). I went to a girls’ boarding school which completely failed to make a proper young lady out of me (evidently). I speak four languages properly and can order a beer in seven. I love having my neck caressed. If you believe in Myers-Briggs (like star signs, I think it’s fun), I'm an ENFJ-T, which I have to admit is pretty bang on the money as a description of my personality and outlook. I’m a bad liar but a great kisser. I freely admit I can also be quite (very) silly, and will do my utmost to make you laugh. Conversely if you are a wielder of terrible puns and dad jokes that make people groan, lay them on me. I guarantee that within half an hour of meeting me any nervousness will completely dissipate and you’ll feel like we’re old friends.
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