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Maddie: A particular indulgence, j to nourish your atrophied soul I'm WELL established and easily verified as real! I won't send pics to prove it...However, You WILL be expected to provide the information that I need to identify that you are real, safe for me to meet with and possessing a character worthy of my time, companionship and expertise. Nationally Top Rated for over a decade. Hundreds of 9 & 10 reviews spanning 10 yrs!
 I have multiple active social media profiles and full XXX amateur content online. I took time to create the accounts and upload pics and videos for your enjoyment, you can spend some time enjoying learning about me. Epicurus believed pleasure is the highest good. My business is YOUR pleasure! My first trip to Europe inspired a taste for exquisite cuisine, appreciation of foreign cultures and a longing for far away lands. The years I spent indulging my wanderlust turned curiosity & novelty into the wisdom & experience of a true Epicurean Enchantress. Maddie 'More' Malone
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