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Hello! My name is Blair Nikole Fox! I’m a petite, blonde belle from the MidWest. I’m quick-witted, hilarious and generally just pretty dang fun. I possess an intellectual mind and an intriguing personality- definitely someone that you‘ll want to see over and over again; if not for my charm or beauty then definitely for my, uh, skills… I like gambling (I would say too much but I really don’t do too bad out in the casino [slotssssss]), piggin’ out, shopping, ranch dressing, and just generally trying out everything life has to offer me! I’m not a “people” person. People suck. But I am definitely a “person” person. When individuals are able to just be themselves and not have to conform to a mold; it’s much easier to connect and you end up meeting some cool ones! Don’t worry about being “weird” (the best people are) or “awkward” (aren’t we all?) I have been told I have a calming aura and am easy to talk to. I’m basically a part-time unlicensed therapist so you can trust you’re in good hands! Let’s plan some time to hang out soon, kay? I prefer dates of a minimum of four hours so that there is plenty of time to chat and cuddle and whatnot (overnights are my fav, though!) I’ll be waiting on your message (and they say it’s rude to keep a lady waiting…)


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