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All ethnicities, newbies, anyone 21+ welcome! A classic beauty. A timeless vintage. Recall the spark of a first kiss. The first bite of a perfect Tiramisu. Remember the last time you allowed yourself to savor a sunset and get lost in the night sky. Take a moment to dream again. Imagine the moment where you hang your hat at the door and immerse yourself in a romance that brings solace. Take my hand and let's disappear into my world of simple pleasures. When you escape with me, you move out of a prosaic life & come home to yourself. Sit back, I'll make you my signature cocktail. Have a bite of charcuterie & tell me about your day. When we hold hands while meandering through a secret garden, I want to learn what makes you laugh. When our eyes meet and our bodies know to dance, I want to know what songs move your heart. At a softly lit dinner, I want to share glances and whisper secrets. Let's get inspired by the past and go explore new futures. In the world we share, we have permission to be our truest selves. This is our story. It begins here and is boundless. How should we open the first chapter? I’ll bring my favorite fountain pen. I'll be waiting for you. bisous bisous, Isabella About Me Able to move through different walks of life, my style is eclectic and I am experienced in formal settings as well as casual ones. I take pleasure in all life has to offer and love new experiences. I enjoy everything from cozy evenings in with our favorite snacks and a movie to trips to Cocoa Island in the Maldives. I love that I’m able to spend these experiences with someone special, you. Above all, I’m passionate about connection. I love curating spaces for true intimacy and romance. We can plan a perfect date together or one of us can surprise the other. In my free time, I’m tending to my house plants and other green thumb projects, cuddling with my two cats while watching Old Hollywood films, writing music, learning to cook a new Vegan recipe, reading a book, o


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