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BDSM txHouston


A natural-born bon vivant, I believe in living well. I'm a connoisseur of pleasures both simple and fine. A well-loved book, a walnut-paneled bar, the scent of a favorite tea. In my time, I have found that one of life's greatest pleasures—and one for which I have a natural talent—lies in making others feel good. I feel privileged to be in a line of work that offers the opportunity to exercise this talent, and to indulge in the comfort of intimacy, or bondage/bdsm, in beautiful nights out, and in the freedom to live exactly as we wish. As I've blossomed, I've settled into this occupation as more of a lifestyle than a career. It’s the form of romance I find most becoming: no strings attached, the full respect of discretion, and the unparalleled intimacy of a private friendship. It's a studied choice that has led me to a life rich with meaning and rewarding for everyone involved. I am always meeting amazing people, and together we get to create moments beyond the average man's portion. Why settle for the mundane? I would rather create my own world of pleasure, adventure and mutual passion. Will you join me here? Let’s live days worth remembering. Private shoots are option (extra), I would request video rights 2257 as well so can go on my website and OF FMTY available with 30% deposit + you cover logistics Want a discount? $100 OFF for a review on T.E.R. *** If main number is causing issues you can email me ([email protected]) or hit me at my backup # 512-777-1209 ***
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