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Sensual Muse + Private Model I prioritize suitors who desire an exclusive private experience. A rendezvous that is curated to inspire, excite and electrify the sensual. Being a photographer, painter and sensual arts curator, I provide an experience beyond the average. I am a creator at my core. I love creating moments that mesh desire, action and sensuality bringing you to an inspiring state of satisfaction. You can consider me your personal Social & Sensual Companion. I excel in assisting my suitor to be at their very best. Whether a social gathering, private dinner date or exclusive romantic tryst, pure elation will be felt in ways that my suitor will float away knowing are uniquely mine. The ambiance of our atmosphere will be curated to your wants and desires. With me as your Social & Sensual Companion, you will find bliss, connection and satisfaction. Please visit to prebook and follow me on Twitter @emaritesar! Thank you for your interest and I look forward to connecting! Twitter: EmariTesar Wesbite:
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