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Are you bored of being in command all the time? Do you like to be challenged? Do you crave someone who really sees you and isn't afraid to tell you exactly what you are? Are you ready to admit where you truly belong? Come with me and let me welcome you to a place where you can fully exhale and be yourself. I come prepared to find your deepest desires. I am an eager and studious lover; discovering every part you keep hidden from the rest of the world is a massive turn-on to me. With nearly a decade of kink under my belt, I've found my home in the cerebral. I enjoy getting to know you on an intimate level so that we can collaborate on our experience together. I want you to be vulnerable and open with me so that we can reach unparalleled heights together. Some of the things that excite me most are: Humiliation (I am a cerebral dominant and I love to get deep inside your head to find what makes you feel small. I want you to make me laugh. I want to break you down and build you up.) Predicament humiliation (The more absurd the better.) CEI Cuckolding & Roleplaying (I'll tell you in lurid detail all about my date last night while you try your best to please me. Or I'll make you watch exactly what my dates are like in person.) Tease and Denial (My favorite thing in the world is to hear your whispers and moans begging in my ear. I decide whether or not you deserve release, or perhaps I want to see how long you can hold it for me. I delight in your agony.) Strap On Play (Let me gently train your holes to take every inch of my strap on) Watersports (I’m very well hydrated and my nectar flows freely) Bi Coaching (Let me train you how to be the slut you've always dreamed of) Foot, High Heel, Nylon worship (Imagine how good it will feel to stare up at me from under my patent leather Louboutins, or how erotic my satin pumps will feel against your face) Sensual CBT (I love to use my high heels, teeth, nails or other accoutrements to slowly and sensually tease and tor


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