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**IM MAKING ANOTHER TRIP TO CHARLOTTE NOVEMBER 19,2020 - NOVEMBER 21,2020. PRE-BOOK NOW & RECEIVE A DISCOUNT** Can you recall the last time you’ve denied yourself a memorable experience? A time when you strived to reach for something different, intimate perhaps & freeing at the same time? For quite some time I had lived my life that way, until I decided to color outside the lines, so to say. I strive for deep human connections, spontaneous travels & new experiences. A partner in crime who is mesmerized by the idea of a secret adventure that will leave us both feeling refreshed, before we return to reality. Maybe it’s time to take that leap? You’re only one click away from achieving true bliss. First step is to send me an email, a small introduction & a date for us to meet. I look forward to hearing from you....
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