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On the surface I'm a petite, all-American, flirtatious 21 year old. My long platinum blonde locks never fail to grab attention but my beautiful big blue eyes and slightly mischievous smile will draw you closer. If my tiny waist which accentuates my perky round derrière doesn’t wet your appetite, gentlemen I promise you, my feminine 32DD curves certainly will. Not to mention my soft-as-velvet skin which is tastefully decorated with a few artsy tattoos - just one of my many passions in life! Other passions of mine include shopping (surprised?), reading, interior decorating and home remodeling. As an International Travel Blogger taking spontaneous trips is a huge passion too and I spend a lot of my time boarding flights and exploring exciting new destinations. I’m always looking forward to my next trip where I get to discover something - or someone - new! Keeping fit and healthy is important to me, especially with the fast-paced jetset lifestyle I lead. I work out regularly to keep myself in good shape physically and mentally. I love to look and feel my best at all times and I always pay attention to the little details; perfectly manicured nails, tastefully applied makeup and of course a stylish but sexy-as-hell outfit. Please visit my website for more information, rates and pictures.
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