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Take my hand as we step from your daydreams into a vivid reality we create, free to explore in the flesh… Let’s skip the outdated, flowery language? We’ve both survived the SAT. Chew carefully, my dinner jokes are a choking hazard, but don’t worry I’m CPR certified. I work a 9-5 that I’m (finally) very happy with, but I really missed this! We’re probably here for the same reasons. The thrill, privacy, safety, quality, curiosity, fun and of course the freedom to imagine, daydream and be completely ourselves in the moment. To anyone who asks “Why do this?” Why wouldn’t I? Especially in a distant, digital world, I love touch and connection on our own terms. I love the complete surprise of meeting you. Skip getting to know each other online, the ghosting, games and instead, we know what to expect. We can enjoy each other naturally. Text me if you like... -the athletic, educated & ambitious type who's lived abroad, can hold a conversation -someone who's discrete, appropriately dressed and comfortable in any situation -enjoy a pretty face with no fillers -vaccinated, background checked, photo-verified, history of references given on p 4 11 -No surprises. Check linktree for lots of videos of me, we've all seen the photoshop -5+ years in the kink community, published fetish model -blue eyes, Sicilian hips, strong cheekbones and a big smile As a former organic chemistry tutor, I know a thing or two about chemistry and the human body. A nerd? No! I was captain of a sports team... the fencing team. Ok you got me, I’m a nerd. We had lightsaber fights and analyzed every fight scene in Star Wars. I play a few video games. I've been told a few times that I have a voice like tinted glass. You'll see me out in a long coat and a short skirt. If you know, you know. As the door opens, your eyes will trace my petite 26” waist, pale skin and soft bosom. At this moment, I’ll greet you with a warm embrace; smiling from my bright blue eyes. The moment of our anticipatio
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