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Hi! I'm Dani, a 25 year old exotic Spanish beauty. I am proud of my heritage and the exquisite taste in the finer things in life that it has taught me. I am not your usual girl, having gone to college for psychology, I pride myself in developing on going relationships because I crave what lies in the deep recesses of your body and mind. I am a total foodie that loves to dress classy in designer clothes that peel off to reveal a complete sorceress underneath. I spend my alone time reading books of all genres, travelling to locals with a hot and tropical climate, and working out. So, what does a date with me look like? Well, I'm glad you asked! I love the city life even though I am truly a country gal at heart. I love to go to a lively restaurant, seafood is a favorite of mine, and sit down to a nice dinner with good cocktails and wine. I am well read with a quick and agile mind, so I enjoy participating in good conversation that is full of witty banter. I love to laugh and find that it is a turn on of all its own. During dinner, you can expect me to start to plant the seeds of our intimate time to come. Stolen passion filled glances will be met with just the right amount of flirting and teasing to set the stage for a night that you will want to revisit for a long time to come. Once in our room, my truly kinky nature comes out to play! What I believe sets me apart from the rest is that I am a true nympho and sexually gifted woman who will go to great lengths to experience your deepest passions with you. Some of my favorite things are blow jobs and mirrors! I don't have a gag reflex so taking you fully and completely in my mouth is a favorite of mine. Sucking you off makes me dripping wet. As for the mirrors, well I am a complete fanatic, and what better way to enjoy the whole experience than by having a complete 360 degree view of all the naughty things we are enjoying? I also have a thing for lingerie and I chose it with the intention of seeing your eyes go w
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