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I am a SUB at heart (deep into BDSM even during sessions), but also I consider myself a natural-born bon vivant, I believe in living well. I'm a connoisseur of pleasures both simple and fine. A well-loved book, a walnut-paneled bar, the scent of a favorite tea. In my time, I have found that one of life's greatest pleasures—and one for which I have a natural talent—lies in making others feel good. I feel privileged to be in a line of work that offers the opportunity to exercise this talent, and to indulge in the comfort of intimacy, in beautiful nights out, and in the freedom to live exactly as we wish. As I've blossomed, I've settled into this occupation as more of a lifestyle than a career. It’s the form of romance I find most becoming: no strings attached, the full respect of discretion, and the unparalleled intimacy of a private friendship. It's a studied choice that has led me to a life rich with meaning and rewarding for everyone involved. I am always meeting amazing people, and together we get to create moments beyond the average man's portion. Why settle for the mundane? I would rather create my own world of pleasure, adventure and mutual passion. Will you join me here? Let’s live days worth remembering. backup # (ONLY if main # causes you issues -- USE MAIN NUMBER FIRST TO GET A RESPONSE -- but I only check backup number a couple of times a day) 512-777-1209
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