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Escorts caWest Hollywood


I have a fully stocked bar, surround sound, lots of free parking and a high security building (your safety is my priority). I know how to be efficient; I take 30 minutes from shower to ready and I am always prepared. I’ve never been a fan of heavy makeup; I was blessed with clear skin and an athletic body. I have an EAST COAST mentality; I'm direct and honest. TRUE GFE - I am a true girl next door; it is as if we met in a bar...what transpires next is up to us. Check out my site here: Jenna818 - owned, operated, and designed by me. I do this work because it’s liberating and I love meeting people I normally wouldn’t. I consider this therapy and I am proud to have a stellar track record of leaving people better than I found them. I don’t need the money I get from this - I am already successful, I just love to entertain. My religion is karma, and what you give, you get...I’m living proof. I’m blessed in every way! Professional poker player and gambler of pink slips ? Likes: Formula 1, football, soccer, tennis, a gin and tonic, partying, and talking about business. Jenna 8189348310 jenna818 [email protected]
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