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My womanly warmth and confidence will instantly put you at ease when we meet. Sensing my compassion and openness your inhibitions will melt away as you know your desires are welcomed and celebrated here. With me you are free to express; to ravish and be ravished. You may have already spotted that mischievous glint in my eye. My love for laughter and my witty sense of humor ensure that I never take life, or myself too seriously. I may be mature in my years but my spirit remains curious and innocently devilish. I have had many years to get to know my body, get comfortable in it and learn of the pleasures it brings. I know how to feel really, really good & I want to share in that with you. It is my intention that our time will have lasting positive impacts on your life. That you will leave feeling rejuvenated and ready to live your life more fully in world. With extensive experience and training in the worlds of Tantric Arts, Mindfulness and Human Connection, I have the gift of initiating couples and individuals into unchartered territory (a.k.a new experiences) that bring the spark and connection back in their lives. With a passion for the mystery and spirituality, My love for yoga and wellness keep my curves in all the right places & my skin is honey-soft to the touch. You will find my body the perfect canvas to paint your newest masterpiece upon. Are you ready to see what the universe has in-store for us? What magic we can create? 90 mins (minimum) $900 2 hour $1000 4 hour $2000 Screening & Deposit Required Please mention which city when booking More info on my website:-


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