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Follow Your Dreams, But First, Follow Me! Don't Lose Touch - All My Links We may have already met serendipitously. Allow me to explain. I'm Ava, but you would know be as an attractive geek. I'm a full time, remote tech nerd for a publicly traded app by day. It's quite possible we've already exchanged polite emails or endured a lengthy zoom meeting together. If we've met by day, you wouldn't know my secret. By night, I'm a very naughty nympho. I don't believe in coincidence; only opportunity. So shall we skip the outdated, flowery language? We’ve both survived the SAT. Instead, lets unbutton each other's white collars, shed polite society's expectations-we'll just drop those on the floor-and be our truest selves. We’re probably here for the similar reasons. Ladies first; I'll tell you mine. I'm here for... Privacy from my professional day to day life Mutual trust and safety Ambitious, like-minded individuals Valuing quality time Sharing the finest experiences Being passionate about travel Traveling with someone passionate And most of all, an outlet for all my pent up energy-if you know what I mean. So tell me, how many reasons do we have in common? You've read this far, so I already like that about you. Yes, you have a longer attention span than most men my age. You're accomplished, but humble. You're experienced. Most importantly, you're kind. In a distant, digital world, you and I long for touch. I'm just a forest nymph trapped in human form. You are the one I want to drench in passionate affection. I'll treat you like the only man alive because you are. Together, we'll stop time. The universe only contains the two of us, falling for each other indefinitely, beyond Earth's orbit. Could I be your cup of Tea? Here's a taste of me. ~A well-rounded mind and behind. A college educated, former varsity athlete. -Confident in the boardroom, beach or bedroom ~A little cheesy (you are what you eat). I adore wine but I'm never winy


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