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Good evening! They say the way you start a new year is how youll end it so why not begin yours with a beautiful piece of hot chocolate!! It isnt too late to do new things for the new year! I am Jasmine Fawn.I am a 27 year curvaceous beauty standing at 55 weighing 165 lbs. I have perfect tear drop breasts that are not too large but not too small. A soft, plump well cushioned ass. My hair is black , my eyes are brown, and my smile is soft, beautiful, and youthful! I am a MILF but that just means that I am very mature and I require discretion. I also read others well and am able to quickly discern and meet their needs. I have been curating luxury dates for quite some time now and I understand the natural needs for human companionship and affection. I also understand the perfect way to meet those needs. So what are you waiting for?! BOOK ME!! Please keep in mind that Luxury Trulyis Rare. Not everyone that pursues me will be granted access. I do require screening. I ask that you book in advance. No screening, no booking!! I am also verified and will gladly provide that information after you are screened!! ***A deposit may be required and last minute bookings are currently limited!***
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