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You've met the kind of woman who you can't help but wonder about. A new coworker, maybe a neighbour, maybe a girl on the train, with something about her that gestures to indulgence, if not depravity. It might be a dark sense of humour that seemingly comes from nowhere, an easy laugh, long sips of coffee betraying a propensity for late nights (maybe on Wikipedia?), a wry smile when she glances down at her phone (probably not Wikipedia). Despite my easygoing, relaxed West Coast demeanour, I've always had an air of mystery and erudition. The real secret is that I'm looking for a good time, and I'm not afraid to ask for it. In terms of looks, I'm in the classic, natural brunette genre. I stand 5'7" with toned legs, a 34C chest, an ass that won't quit, long brown hair, an innocent and angelic face (not so blurry in person), full lips, and long-lashed green eyes. Though I could keep talking about how much we’ll enjoy our time together, what you really should know is that I'm ready to make your acquaintance. Why wait any longer?
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