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Recently my twitter got hacked and i cant access it for the moment its @victoriajmtl ~Please do not contact me if you don’t want to be screen .Every new friends need to be screen no exception ~WORKING HOURS ARE 7am to 11pm Refrain texting before or after those hours ~ITS TEXT OR EMAIL ONLY ~I accept cash(my preference) or bitcoin(If done in advance ) Escort Incall: 60 minutes $350 VIP 60 minutes $500 Escort With Couple: 2 hours $1300 Escort And Dinner Date: 4 hours $1200 VIP 3 hours $1250 Escort: 3 hours $1000 VIP 2 hours $800 Escort: 2 hours $650 VIP 1 hour 30 minutes $650 Escort: 1 hour 30 minutes $500 Escort: 12 hours $2500 I’ve always been the kind of woman who cannot deny passion. It runs through my veins and occupies my thoughts. When intimacy is invited to take on a life of its own something incredible happens. Secret urges rise to the surface and overwhelm us with sensuality. The epicurean in me tends to find beauty in even the subtlest of nuances. Though I am stylish at first glance, you will soon discover another side that is quite natural and down-to-earth with a zest for good living. Maybe my French heritage lends to an organic attitude that invites pleasure and erotic attraction. I have a refreshing way of looking at love without pretense. Why complicate things? All the ideals of a traditional relationship start here. I’m as decadent as I am affectionate with a sweet, whimsical nature. Intelligent conversation turns me on like crazy in a way that becomes mental foreplay. Even a soft caress becomes charged with deep desire that cannot be resisted and suddenly, we are more alive than ever. If it feels good, let desire have its way with us. Relaxation will become second nature because it’s just you and me living in the moment, completely carefree where stress is left behind. I don’t know what it means to be bored and neither will you! I’ve been told that the way in which I carr
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