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Escorts vaWashington


Hi, I’m Elle. And I think that if you’re here, there’s a bit of something missing in your life. You’re not sure what, but you know how you want to feel– refreshed and electrified like the first sip of refreshing lemonade on a hot summer’s day, held and at ease like sipping something warm under blankets while you listen to the rainfall outside your window. That’s where I come in. Our time together will leave you feeling like you just pulled to the end of your favorite rollercoaster: a little dangerous yet still safe, where all you know at the end is how the smile won’t leave your face and you can’t wait to do it again. I love building memories together in and out of hotels, and am the ultimate planner and adventurer: let me show you city streets, rolling hills, country highways or maybe just the curves of my waist. Rich auburn hair, a slim and toned body that looks as amazing in your sweatpants as it does in a gown for a night out, featuring tattoos that are works of art. Let’s snuggle up and turn down the lights.
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