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I am an avid admirer of the acrobatics world, so much so that two years ago, I began practicing the art, and have since been contracted onto a major Vegas show. Perhaps you've already seen me in action. For this reason, I'm sure you can understand why I choose to keep my face and small tattoos hidden in photos. Be assured that my face is just as enticing as my body. In addition to acrobatics, I also live for being outside. I spend my weekends hiking the numerous incredible trails in the Vegas area. I also enjoy camping, and make it a point to camp at least three times a year. I'm truly a woman who can go anywhere or do anything, but I always enjoy treating myself, whether I'm buying lingerie at Agent Provocateur, shopping at Neiman Marcus, or enjoying dinner at upscale restaurants. As a woman of French and Mediterranean heritage, I consider myself a connoisseur of all things French, from perfumes such as the timeless Chanel No 5 and modern Maison Margiela scents, to tasting new champagnes and stopping by the patisserie for a sweet indulgence. If you're craving a companion to show you around the city, I may be your perfect match. I can recommend a restaurant for us to savor, bring positive energy to concerts and shows, put my bikini on display poolside, or grace your arm with style during gambling or club outings.
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