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Escorts txDallas


I am delighted to make your acquaintance... I share your sentimental taste... That same taste for the sentimental, has lead me to become a student of the arts at a notable university, within the city of Chicago. As a sophisticated creative & personal paramour, all encounters are impassioned and I feel fortunate. I am one of few coveted for tales coming from humble beginnings, having grown accustomed to finer ways and things... It all began with a pair of affluent eyes seeing the beauty to me and uncommon promise. Although, it's become rather usual for me to be dressed in upheld names, or casually dined at a swanky restaurant, or flown out to a lovely location, or have the means and purpose to give back to a cause dear to heart, and to be courted by the gentleman who knows no other way than to handsomely care for his lover; I appreciate it all. I value the company of the gentleman who knows the value of authenticity and meaningful pleasures. Whilst our encounters may seem temporary, just as fine art, they are timeless. Till we're in touch, Ava Alazar
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