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**I will be in Chicago in June!** Welcome! I’m Maya, your plucky grad student crush. My secret? My innocent smile and studious habits belie a tenancy towards debauchery. When my nose isn’t in the books, I seek out the company of others who are looking for a little more out of life--sublime experiences, the sheer exuberance of living in the moment, and sincere moments of connection. If you're in search of playful, engaging conversation and unique beauty, look no further. Whether out on the town or splitting a bottle at home, I relish sampling new things with new friends. If you’re into Michelin star dining, I have the latest NYC menus. I also enjoy taking in a new exhibit or unwinding on a boat when the weather's warm, but I fit in just about anywhere. No matter who I spend time with, I find I have something to share. I'm based in Manhattan, but am eager to travel now that I have finished my finals. (Yes, I'm fully vaccinated.) If you want make the most of our time in this world, get in touch! Bissous, Maya
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