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Daily pics and vids on my social media. XXX content on my naughty social media. See above ****************************************************** We are strangers starting out on a journey. Where it may lead, we do not know, but I want to be there with you till the end. In the world we create. Free from stress and anxiety. Consider me your oasis. I believe I am kind with an enchanting personality, very easy to get along with. Always holding a smile on my face. I have a plethora of interests, some I've listed below:- Writing, traveling, sight seeing, food (cooking/baking, dining & exploring various cuisine), fitness, collecting souvenirs, scuba diving, photography, shopping, among several other interests. I am a true Cancer, very intuned with my emotions and extremely observant. Over the years I've discovered so much about myself, and I am still learning. Life after all is a never ending journey. Whilst I'm far from perfection and still have my faults, I strive to be the best person I can be, full of positivity.
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