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BDSM inIndianapolis


Hello, my name is Lucia or Lucy, if you please. At 5’2 my petite frame and toned physique make the perfect little package that you won’t be able to keep your eyes off of. I have a naturally friendly demeanor with a laugh and smile that exude warmth. I’m often told I make first encoutners easy. You’ll find familiar the playfulness and natural beauty of the sexy sophisticated girl-next-door. If I come off as innocent it’s because I am, until I’m not. I enjoy creating and building up intimacy. I love to experience what we can bring out in one another. I have an open mind. I want us both to be able to explore without judgement. It doesn’t matter to me whether we keep it simple or push ourselves to new limits. I’m just interested in what you want and who you are. As long as it’s genuine, your contentment is my pleasure. So, if you are a kind and respectful gentlemen who needs a little adventure please send me an email introducing yourself. You must know, I always screen new friends. Consider the time it may take me to screen when you are booking a date. If screening makes you nervous I can assure you that your privacy is my top priortiy. My computer, phone, and email are all encrypted. Your personal information will be deleted and cleared from my deleted messages once everything is completed. The quicker the process is over the sooner we will get to the fun stuff ;) I look forward to being your new and favorite confidant. Follow my twitter for schedule updates: @meetluciamar ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ *Do Not Contact me if you will not screen. *All appointments require a 25% deposit
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