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We may have already met serendipitously. Allow me to explain. I'm Ava, but you would know be as an attractive geek. I'm a full time, remote tech nerd for a publicly traded app by day. It's quite possible we've already exchanged polite emails or endured a lengthy zoom meeting together. If we've met by day, you wouldn't know my secret. By night, I'm a very naughty nympho. I don't believe in coincidence; only opportunity. So shall we skip the outdated, flowery language? We’ve both survived the SAT. Instead, lets unbutton each other's white collars, shed polite society's expectations-we'll just drop those on the floor-and be our truest selves. We’re probably here for the similar reasons. Ladies first; I'll tell you mine. I'm here for... Privacy from my professional day to day life Mutual trust and safety Ambitious, like-minded individuals Valuing quality time Sharing the finest experiences Being passionate about travel


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